Staff Directory

The Perry County Health Department has been providing public health services to Perry County Residents for over 40 years. Our focus is to provide services to individuals, families, and the community to prevent the spread of diseases and injuries, protect against environmental health hazards, and promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles. The Perry County Health Department also protects and promotes the health of the citizens through community assessment, policy development and assurance. We partner with many organizations and community groups to address and resolve health related issues and concerns.

Some of the services we offer have eligibility requirements, while other services are available to everyone. Clients will not be refused services due to inability to pay.

The health department is governed by a five member elected board of trustees.

Sylvia Forester, MS
* Director

Dawn Schaaf, PTA/LNHA
*Assistant Director

JoAnn Bachmann, RN
* Child Care Nurse Consultation Coordinator

Sheila Hahs, RN
*Nursing Supervisor
* Communicable Disease Coordinator
* Immunization Coordinator

Amanda Moore, RN
*School Nurse Consultant
*CPR Instructor

Danielle Verseman, RN
*Certified Lactation Counselor
*CPR Instructor

Vickie Otte
* Nursing Assistant

Brent Niswonger
* Environmental Public Health Specialist

Angelia Schuessler
* Office Support Staff
* WIC Clerk
* Child Passenger Safety Technician
* Emergency Planner
* Notary Public

Doris Kiefer
* WIC Clerk

Tammara Buchheit
* Office Manager

Susan Glaus
*Office Support Staff
*WIC Clerk

Cynthia Upton-Troutman
* WIC Coordinator
* Nutritionist
* Notary Public